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About AED

Alpha Epsilon Delta is the National Health Pre-professional Honor Society dedicated to the encouragement and recognition of excellence in pre-professional health scholarship, including medicine, dentistry, veterinary, and others.

The Society welcomes ALL students engaged in the pursuit of a professional healthcare career.

AED offers opportunities for intellectual and professional development, provides a forum for students with common interests, and extends a program of service to benefit the college and university community.


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Please check the Google calendar (located at the bottom right of the website) for more information about the service and social events.

AED will have online surveys for Service and Social events. In order to sign up, you will need to go through the links provided with each event.

Instructions: click the link, type in your name and the rest of the fields, click submit. You will be notified by whoever's in charge of the event shortly, if not at least three days before the event.

Service Events

Ronald McDonald: Fri.4/25

Heritage Hall Senior Prom Night, Sat 4/26: Survey

Heritage Hall, Sundays: 4/27 Survey

Heritage Hall event calendar for those who plan to visit on their own: Link

Social Events

Spring Banquet, Sun 4/27: Survey

Study Break with AED, Wed 4/16: Survey

Kickball, Sun 4/27: Survey